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Infection In Critical Care Quality Improvement Programme

The ICCQIP board was set up in 2016 to address the concerns of hospital-associated Infections (HAI) in ICU’s in England, following on from the publication of the successful ‘Matching Michigan’ study. The ICCQIP board is led by a group of Intensivists and Microbiologists, chaired by Professor Peter Wilson, with Dr Julian Bion as deputy chair.

The ICCQIP ICU surveillance sentinel programme was first launched in May 2016, with initially 19 units taking part, this has now grown to over 75 units actively participating across the UK in adult, neonatal and paediatric units.

The ICU surveillance programme aims to characterise and monitor all ICU and CVC (associated and related) blood stream infections across adult, neonatal and paediatric units in England, in order to identify concerns and support actions to reduce the infection rates. Data is collected and analysed on a quarterly basis and unit level reports are generated and sent to respective units.