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A. User Accounts
ICU Local Administrator
ILA - FAQ0001

Q. I am trying to register as an ICU Local Administrator. I have completed the online registration process. When will I receive the confirmation/ authorisation from Public Health England?

If you have not yet received an authorisation notification with an email verification link within it, please email iccqip.surveillance@phe.gov.uk. We will re-authorise your request and you will receive another authorisation notification with the verification link. Please note that this email may sometimes be filtered into the junk/spam folders. Once you have received your authorisation email, please click on the 'Verify Account' link in the email to complete the registration process. Please note the verification link is valid only for 24 hrs. You will be able to setup security questions and a password once your account has been verified. If you still do not receive the authorisation email, then we advise you contact your IT department as there might be a filter blocking these emails.